Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Ruins That I Left You

i write this prayer for you
as you lay next to me

when you come to
youll be alone
and I’ll just be a memory

if this night has any mercy
theres no sorrow to your dream
because today was your last day of peace.

when you awake
just for  a moment
cast aside your hate, for me

before you face
the fate
i’ve left you with

listen closely to this song
tattoo its words upon your arms
face the sunrise bow your head and you might live

theres not a place on gods green earth they will not chase you

in their hunger, both our shadows run as one

            if love is all youre after
            love will poison you

            now every enemy of mine is yours.

a lot of blood was shed for the diamonds that I gave you
and the mansion where we dwelt belonged to someone else
it was they who hunted down the meat I prepared for you

Now you must never step a foot back anywhere we’ve been

if you ever start to think
that you’ve found some kind of peace
a quiet in your soul
a place to call your own

that’s when you must run
when you know that they have come
and you’ll be lucky if you make it out the door

            But  what if you disregard these words
            and then they find you?
            But what if you’d rather die
            than turn around and run?
            If the poison in my pen
            is not as strong as you?
            If all my enemies
            were some friends of yours?