Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My Killer

If I were to believe
In my oldest memories
Once there was a time
When my heart was not asleep

I cast a spell upon the world
And the world just smiled at me
I did not see this coming
just up ahead of me

so when I saw you face
and recognized it from a dream
your loving seemed like destiny
like you were meant for me

but I found out soon enough
that my veins were bound to bleed
but you already knew that
youre way ahead of me

            Even if you turned my pennies into hundreds
            And replaced all paper money with your bones
            Even if you made my whoring holy
            Still leaving you alone would be all im capable of

I did not wana learn
All the secrets of your hell
But you cant keep a secret
You always gota tell

Your father had a vision
Even if it was heaven sent
Still Id wana kill him
But im glad he got to live

So many nights we gave away
Just for conversation’s sake
Were our words important
You once suggested im insane

Do you wana see me die
Tell me whats your plan
Would you assist my killer
If he asked you for a hand

but even if you fed me when im hungry
and always came to me when i was alone
even if you faced my demons for me
leaving you alone would still be all im capable of