Thursday, April 25, 2013


Yeah I know that I was late
I must have finally fell asleep
As soon as I woke up
I ran here in a rush

I know you’ll understand
If you get a chance
So long my eyes stayed open
Til I finally had to close them

But I didn’t waste the day
Is what im tryin to say
Again I had that dream
the one with you and me

I lose you on the road
So I look for you at home
Put the key into the door
Of the place we shared before

Though you’d been gone a week or more
Still your shadow moved acrossed the floor
Where else would it go?
Where could it go?

Though I knew death was at the door
I had nowhere
Nowhere else to go
Nowhere else to go

You don’t hear me talking
So ive given up on words
You lit yourself on fire
But you cant feel it burns

I poured water on the flames
Dried you off
Kept you safe
Though my tongue could not reach you I found somewhere else to meet you

Then you threw me all your hexes
So im avoiding my reflection
But I still see my decline
Through the look in people’s eyes

When the daylight came again
You said you’d finally done me in
And I could not find protection
Or repair the things id messed with

            But I could not bring myself to
            Push you away when you had
            Nowhere else togo
            When you had nowhere else to go

            Though you felt your future coming on
            One that you did not want, you had
            Nowhere else to go
            You had nowhere else to go

-Mitchell Saulsberry/ Perpetual Ritual