Thursday, April 25, 2013


Yeah I know that I was late
I must have finally fell asleep
As soon as I woke up
I ran here in a rush

I know you’ll understand
If you get a chance
So long my eyes stayed open
Til I finally had to close them

But I didn’t waste the day
Is what im tryin to say
Again I had that dream
the one with you and me

I lose you on the road
So I look for you at home
Put the key into the door
Of the place we shared before

Though you’d been gone a week or more
Still your shadow moved acrossed the floor
Where else would it go?
Where could it go?

Though I knew death was at the door
I had nowhere
Nowhere else to go
Nowhere else to go

You don’t hear me talking
So ive given up on words
You lit yourself on fire
But you cant feel it burns

I poured water on the flames
Dried you off
Kept you safe
Though my tongue could not reach you I found somewhere else to meet you

Then you threw me all your hexes
So im avoiding my reflection
But I still see my decline
Through the look in people’s eyes

When the daylight came again
You said you’d finally done me in
And I could not find protection
Or repair the things id messed with

            But I could not bring myself to
            Push you away when you had
            Nowhere else togo
            When you had nowhere else to go

            Though you felt your future coming on
            One that you did not want, you had
            Nowhere else to go
            You had nowhere else to go

-Mitchell Saulsberry/ Perpetual Ritual 

The Ruins That I Left You

i write this prayer for you
as you lay next to me

when you come to
youll be alone
and I’ll just be a memory

if this night has any mercy
theres no sorrow to your dream
because today was your last day of peace.

when you awake
just for  a moment
cast aside your hate, for me

before you face
the fate
i’ve left you with

listen closely to this song
tattoo its words upon your arms
face the sunrise bow your head and you might live

theres not a place on gods green earth they will not chase you

in their hunger, both our shadows run as one

            if love is all youre after
            love will poison you

            now every enemy of mine is yours.

a lot of blood was shed for the diamonds that I gave you
and the mansion where we dwelt belonged to someone else
it was they who hunted down the meat I prepared for you

Now you must never step a foot back anywhere we’ve been

if you ever start to think
that you’ve found some kind of peace
a quiet in your soul
a place to call your own

that’s when you must run
when you know that they have come
and you’ll be lucky if you make it out the door

            But  what if you disregard these words
            and then they find you?
            But what if you’d rather die
            than turn around and run?
            If the poison in my pen
            is not as strong as you?
            If all my enemies
            were some friends of yours?

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My Killer

If I were to believe
In my oldest memories
Once there was a time
When my heart was not asleep

I cast a spell upon the world
And the world just smiled at me
I did not see this coming
just up ahead of me

so when I saw you face
and recognized it from a dream
your loving seemed like destiny
like you were meant for me

but I found out soon enough
that my veins were bound to bleed
but you already knew that
youre way ahead of me

            Even if you turned my pennies into hundreds
            And replaced all paper money with your bones
            Even if you made my whoring holy
            Still leaving you alone would be all im capable of

I did not wana learn
All the secrets of your hell
But you cant keep a secret
You always gota tell

Your father had a vision
Even if it was heaven sent
Still Id wana kill him
But im glad he got to live

So many nights we gave away
Just for conversation’s sake
Were our words important
You once suggested im insane

Do you wana see me die
Tell me whats your plan
Would you assist my killer
If he asked you for a hand

but even if you fed me when im hungry
and always came to me when i was alone
even if you faced my demons for me
leaving you alone would still be all im capable of

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

live set at Hollow Earth radio now available.....

Perpetual Ritual is the often solo musical endeavor of Mitchell Saulsberry, local Seattle resident and also a member of the band Grave Babies. Perpetual Ritual came in to play a beautiful set on Late Nights for the Longing. The set that was provided was much more intimate than any prior performances that SLQTRRR Slashed Tires had seen live. The atmosphere of this evening gave Saulsberry a lot more air to breath and the opportunity to experiment with drawing out textures and drone-like rhythms.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Friday, August 10, 2012

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Monday, July 16, 2012

news and weather

Links to The Stranger, Holloweyed, Cvltnation mentions of the new video are below. More to come....

Also, we've rarely ever posted upcoming shows on this blog, but that'll stop now:
     Solo set this coming wednesday the 18th at Sunset Tavern in Seattle with Baby Guns and So Pitted.

     A lot more summer 2012 dates around Seattle will be up soon, culminating in a month long tour of the east coast early october. Stay tuned.......

     Look at this new watery, dreamy piece of magic. I love it when a video perfectly suits a song. Directed by American Ghost Dancer. Perpetual Ritual plays Wednesday July 18 with Baby Guns with Perpetual Ritual and So Pitted at the Sunset Tavern.

Perpetual Ritual, the damp, swirling, psych-caked, pre-gloom project of Seattle musician Mitchell Saulsberry (also in Grave Babies) and friends has just unveiled a new video for the tune “Perpetual Flood.” It’s directed by American Ghost Dancer and can be seen above. His latest release for Living Tapes is the very limited cassette,Perpetual Flood, which you can purchase here, or stream below.

One record that has been played every day in the CVLT Nation HQ since we first heard it is Perpetual Flood by Seattle’s Perpetual Ritual – check out the stream and review HERE! We got a message the other day that there is now a visual for the tile track, “Perpetual Flood,” directed by American Ghost Dancer. Just like the record itself, this video is pure white magic that will have you under it’s spell. So after the jump, get your groovy cult on and peep this visual!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

New review from cvlt nation........

"I just can’t stop listening to Perpetual Ritual from Seattle, who has a tape out now entitled Perpetual Flood viaLiving Tapes. The total package is 8 songs that make your internal ghosts waltz around your thoughts in bliss. This dude knows how to weave psychedelic pop into the sinister fabric that clothes your nightmares in sunlight! From the very first song, “Hidden from The Sun,” until the last song, “Gun In My Face,” I hold on to the hands of the feedback spirits and don’t let go! Perpetual Ritual plays these riffs that are highly addictive, and can cause you to play his songs on repeat. The lyrics you experience on Perpetual Flood are tainted in pain and sorrow, but always feel uplifting! I guess I would call Perpetual Ritual the perfect soundtrack for a sunny depressing day. He also knows how to create a sense of drama in his compositions without ever sounding contrived. I don’t care what kind of music you are into when you blast “Every Word We Speak In Tongues,” you will be under his perpetual spell. I get chills when the eerie vibe kicks in on “Blood Mary,” and the tone that the chorus is sung in makes me want look into the eyes of my lost shadows. The real magic that holds this project is the voice of Perpetual Ritual. Check out the full stream of Perpetual Flood below, and peep the sick video for “Night Worship”Directed by Emily Denton after the jump! Now I guess I’m on my way to join the perpetual cvlt?"