Thursday, August 19, 2010

secret graveyard

no new songs lately been getting ready for legit recording session. last night found out its not for another week. went right back to busted 4track wrote a new song in 10 minutes. these two sessions are what became of it. rough takes on the spot.
the nights up in flames,
and we are both liars.
but theres no shame,
in walking straight into the fire.

ive got keys
to a secret graveyard
where they lay down
all the dead stars

all the things you erased
thats all i see
everything you want
its all invisible to me

the outer space
that you want is inside
i can show you a way
just follow my line

i'll let you know my brain
only comes alive at night
im half dead
when im out in the light

written performed and recorded by mitchell saulsberry