Tuesday, August 3, 2010

gun in my face

i was walking all alone that night,
just me the moon and the stars in the sky.
walkin boppin with a song in my heart,
thats how the trouble always starts.

i turned the corner, with your picture in my brain,
my heart starts poundin, thinkin that i'll never see you again.

i turned the corner,
and saw a gun in my face,
they pulled the trigger,
now my blood's all over the place.

but id die without you girl, i mean it quite literally.
there's things inside of us, we never let anyone see.
when you look into my eyes, what you see, i dont know.
when i look into your eyes, 
i see the whole wide world.

im getting older now, you can see it in my face.
the pain's not hiding now,
i can feel it all over the place.

well theres something wrong with me,
yeah i know.
theres a shadow chasing us and it shows.
and why its after us, is just one of those mysteries,

get a gun in your face, 
it really makes you think.

written performed and recorded by mitchell saulsberry